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Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity

Another of my favorite TED Talks: Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love talks about the challenges of a creative life.  She offers an interesting approach to encouraging creative people to thrive. (20 minutes)

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Can Anyone See This Video?

A University of Richmond student on his blindness and how learning about government services changed his life. Thanks to Lit Maxwell for sharing this.

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Kevin’s Test Post

hello. I am writing a post today just for fun.  In a few minutes, I’ll delete it.

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Two for Mr. Scott

Two web sites for Hil and anyone else interested in film and/or mid-20th century art: Museum of the Moving Image Plan 59 Plan 59 is my favorite of the two.  Nice style.

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New Portal to Second Life: Your Phone

This is good, because I was getting worried that I wasn’t logged into Second Life enough. Wade Roush at MIT Technology Review writes that Comverse has developed a Java-based client for cell phones with internet connections. It makes sense. More … Continue reading

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EDUCAUSE 2006 – EDUCAUSE Learning Inititiative

Diana Oblinger presented, and began by introducing the staff and scholars of ELI. Diana then proceeded to talk about what ELI has done over the last year.  ELI is 18 months, having restructured from the NLII.  Their mission is “Advancing … Continue reading

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