What I’m Reading – 8/7/09

  • New York Times
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • A Laboratory of Collaborative Learning – “Undergraduate libraries have never been revenue generators, but, if this pattern of declining use does not change, many of them may soon seem like costly anachronisms.”  “Housed in separate buildings, with fewer occasions for interaction and mutual understanding, faculty members and librarians may develop a weak sense of solidarity regarding their complementary roles in the institutional mission.” I’m sorry to say, but MISO Survey data backs up these concerns.  I hope the author’s experiment this fall is a successful engagement with his academic library.
  • The Best 371 Colleges (Princeton Review) – Rollins College – Reading up on Rollins, having received news of a colleague who will be taking a position there in the coming weeks.

Short reading day today, as the University of Richmond closes at noon so employees can spend the rest of the day at Busch Gardens.  Maybe I’ll get some additional reading done in the car, but don’t count on it.

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