What I’m Reading – 8/4/09

  • Parabola
    • Kosiya, the Buddhist Scrooge – The king’s treasurer learns that “Generosity makes space in the mind and heart, while hoarding creates an interior prison.”
  • New York Times
    • Giant Particle Collider Fizzles, Adding to the Mysteries of Life – Electrical problems with the Large Hadron Collider mean it will be years, if ever, before its most ambitious work can be attempted.
    • Obama Administration Weighs In on State Secrets, Raising Concern on the Left – In a friend of the court briefing, the Obama administration inserts an argument that the state secrets law is constitutional, not based on common law.  Hardly a settled opinion, many on the left are dismayed at the administration’s position given Obama’s statements “that he wants to limit the use of the state secrets privilege.”
    • Radio Free America – In an op ed piece, Nancy Sinatra argues for broadcast radio performance royalties for performing artists.  Rather than directly argue for her royalties, she cites the destitute Helen Forrest, a 1940s big band singer.  I’m not sure how many big band radio stations are out there anymore, but I doubt that revenues are sufficient to pay performance royalties.
    • Bill Clinton in North Korea to Seek Release of U.S. Reporters – In Bill Clinton’s first public mission since his wife became Secretary of State, he travels to Pyongyang to seek the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee.  Disclaimer: my brother has been a big supporter of the movement to free the journalists.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Augmenting Human Intellect
    • Detailed Discussion of the H-LAM/T System – Just getting started with this section.  Considering the abridged version of this in The New Media Reader for a New Media Studies course we hope to teach in the spring term, but reading the full document for myself.
  • Slashdot
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch
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