Seminars on Academic Computing 2007

I’m in Snowmass Village for the 2007 Seminars on Academic Computing.  It’s my first time at SAC, and, after 33 years, the last time SAC will be held in Snowmass Village.

I’m not the type that pays much attention to the venue of a conference.  I’m not usually interested in exploring the towns that host these events.  I am interested in making connections with colleagues, in learning, and in reflecting on what I have learned and on how I can apply what I’ve learned to my work back on campus.

But Snowmass is beautiful.  The flight into Aspen was breathtaking.  I haven’t seen mountains and valleys like this since Jean and I visited Salzburg in 1989.  Even after I had landed, I found myself staring at the mountains that surround everything.  There are few places I find myself wanting to revisit, but I would really like to come here again someday to explore.

My first morning here I took a walk on some bike trails on the mountain, and came across flowers in each of my girl’s favorite colors.                                                 
                    Img 0079-2                          Img 0078-2

More on the seminars in my next posts.

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