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If you can read this, I’ve got a recommendation for you. 

I’m always looking for an easier way for faculty and students to blog.  Blojsom’s interface is difficult for anyone who doesn’t know HTML.  WordPress has a pretty easy interface but I’m always looking for another, easier way.

I’ve purchased ecto for my Mac.  It’s a nice tool for writing and managing blog posts.  It’s what I use on those all-too-rare occasions that I find the time to blog.  It’s a simple WYSIWYG interface for editing, and it works well with images.

Yesterday I decided to search through Firefox extensions and I came across Deepest Sender.  As a free extension, the price is right and the tool is cross platform (though I admit I haven’t installed it on my tablet yet).

It works with most API-enabled blogs, has a simple WYSIWYG editing interface, and apparently knows how to handle music files.  I just went through my preferences and saw options (turned off by default) to automatically detect music.  So it’s possible that Deepest Sender can handle podcasts.

In addition to the Normal editing tab, there’s a Source tab where I can easily muck around with the code and a Preview tab.  I log in before editing and all of my blog categories are in a drop down box in the upper right corner.  I can post as a draft or make the post live right away.

What I don’t see is anything that supports tagging.  And I didn’t think there was a way to see what’s been posted to my site but I’m wrong – there is a Post History option in the File menu.

Deepest Sender has just made it to the top of my list as an entry-level blog editing tool for faculty and students.  It gets them to use Firefox and makes posting most entries easy.

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  1. Terry Dolson says:

    can’t wait to try this! Thanks for telling us about it.

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