A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Boing Boing posted a story recently about  A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.  The chart is fantastic.  While I’m familiar with many of the types of visualizations presented, there are several I haven’t seen before.  I was happy to see graphic facilitation on the chart: just this fall I participated in a session at the NMC Regional Conference in San Antonio, where Rachel Smith used this method effectively in a session about the future of scholarship.

What’s better is that the chart organizes different types of visualizations into categories: process visualizations, structure visualizations, overviews, details, details and overviews, and so on.  I think I’ll refer to this chart frequently when I am thinking of the best way to present information.

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  1. Terry Dolson says:

    I think many of these are interesting ways to organize information while still in process (as well as useful for presenting it to others). Thanks for telling us about this. I am looking for the perfect one to get these ipod groups organized…

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