About a week ago Gardner suggested Jim Groom’s blog, bavatuesdays, and it’s already paid off.  Jim mentions yet another Web 2.0 site, Shelfari.  You can build your library collection, rate and comment on your books, see what others have said about books in your collection, and keep up with your friends’ reading lists.  There are links to Amazon in case you see something you’d like to buy.


I’m just getting started with the service but I connected with the idea of this site immediately and I look forward to connecting with other people’s libraries.

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  1. Jim says:

    hey Kevin,

    I just requested you as my first friend with Shelfari! I am glad you find this tool usefu and I apreciate you stopping by bavatuesdaysl. I love the way real books look on a shelf, so a virtual reproduction of this effect is just as appealing for me. Now I just have to step it up and read them.

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