Testing Podcasts Recorded on an iPod

I wanted to check to see how voice memos recorded on an iPod with the XTremeMac MicroMemo work when creating enhanced podcasts in GarageBand.

I recorded the audio in three quick segments.  When I connected the iPod to my computer, iTunes launched and asked if I wanted to import the files.  I said yes, the three files were brought into iTunes.

I launched GarageBand and created a new podcast.  Rather than go through the media browser I simply dragged each of the three audio files from iTunes into GarageBand.  I placed them on the Male Voice track, and was able to click the empty regions, select them and delete the dead air.  I brought the remaining three audio clips together, plopped in pictures from a play I did at Trinity Episcopal High School, Metamorphoses (they do the best shows at Trinity), and shared the file out to my desktop as a podcast.

The high setting on my iPod sounds pretty good.  I should play with the low setting to hear the difference.  But it was pretty quick and easy to put things together.

The resulting podcast is here.

The real trick tonight is whether I can easily load the podcast from ecto or if I need to do this some other way.

Let’s upload and find out!

UPDATE: Well, I haven’t figured out how to do the enclosure properly in WordPress, but the link will let you download the file so you can watch and listen in iTunes or on your iPod.

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4 Responses to Testing Podcasts Recorded on an iPod

  1. Terry Dolson says:

    seeing the pictures flashing by with your voice talking to me…cool…

  2. Kevin says:

    Yes – I like the idea of enhanced podcasts. It’s a step into movie making without having to go through all of the capturing and editing. I look forward to seeing the CreatUR FeatURe podcasts, which will be enhanced. I don’t think I’d understand the creatures unless I could see them. Betsy did a TON of work digging up images of all the different creatures. That allowed the students to focus on their research and on the overall production. She even made sure we were in copyright compliance with all of the images.

    I can’t wait to see them!

  3. Gardner says:

    Great narrative of process and result. Coming soon to a video iPod near me.

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks for posting this. I didn’t think about dragging the files from iTunes and we could have used this in our GarageBand student sessions. I’ll share the info. with the instructors as another solution to using the headsets.

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