Keeping Spammers at Bay

One of the nice features about blojsom is its ability to ping blog notification services. It’s a nice way for others to know I’m out here in the .edu blog world. Unfortunately spammers watch those services as a means of finding more places to spam.

Over the last month or so the comments on my blog started being spam. I found a few ways of combatting the spam, but the spam bots just got smarter and smarter. Things finally came to a head when all of my blog entries were getting spam comments at the rate of one comment per blog post every twelve hours.

Luckily there’s a plugin for blojsom that can help. Now the bots have to do a little math or their comments will be rejected. I don’t doubt that they’ll catch up some time soon, but for now this seems to be an effective way to keep them off my blog.

If anyone here at Richmond has blojsom comment spam, please feel free to contact me – I can tell you how I set up the plug in.

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