Visions of Science Photographic Awards

As featured on /. – The Novartis and Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Photographic Awards for 2005 have been announced. I always enjoy browsing through the award winners of contests like this – the images are always interesting.

I think I’m drawn to these kinds of events because they represent that cross-over between science and art. Be sure to take a look at the winner of the Art Meets Science Award – a picture of a barn as it looks to a migrane sufferer. If that’s what things look like when you have a migrane I am very happy not to have that affliction in my life (I do remember once when Jean was suffering a migrane and made me turn off a Mozart recording – she was seeing the music.

Of course I wish they made the images available in larger resolutions – some of them would be amazing desktop backgrounds – but I understand why they would only want to put lower resolution versions of the images on their site

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