The Age of Faith: Justinian

I just finished chapter 5 of Will Durant's The Age of Faith. Justinian was, in Durant's opinion, the last of the Roman emporers. While his actions were often less than exemplary, his Code was a significant attempt to bring clarity to justice in the early part of the middle ages.

It was interesting to read how much Theodora, Justinian's wife, had an effect on the affairs of his empire. Hers was an interesting history that I may have to research more in the future.

Now I'm on to Chapter 6: Byzantine Civilization

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  1. Ted Durkalski says:

    Theodora is truly, a remarkable woman in history. I would have to say that she was a “true womans liber” of the time. Rene Guerdan, the
    auther of “Byzantium, Its Triumph and Tragedy”, gives a very clear image
    as to the type of woman she was. Her scandolous origin of being a prostitue to being an equal partner to her husband governing the eastern Roman Empire. The Nika rebellion shows this when Justinian is ready to flee the city in fear of his life after the circus factions took control. Theodora tells her husband, “I find that the imperial purple robes make a wonderful shroud.” I have to assume you know what happened after that. This is the 1st time I am writing you, so I hope we can share more Hstory.

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