The Tablet Is In

My Lenovo tablet is here. Not much on it yet, but it's fun to play with. My first tablet is a first-generation slate tablet, big and heavy. This new one, the first convertible ThinkPad, is much lighter. And I really like being able to go back and forth between notebook and tablet modes.

I even got my networking staight on my first attempt. It recognizes my home wireless network, but switches well when I connect to either the wired or wireless networks at school.

The problem is that I don't have any software installed yet. It doesn't come with Office installed and it'll be a few weeks before the lab group is ready to put the lab image on it. So I'm hoping Melissa can loan me the Office disc. I've got Studio MX 2004 from my old DevNet subscription (may it rest in peace). And I did just load Dragon NaturallySpeaking on. That's the program I'm most interested to test. It was too slow on the old slate. My new machine is faster and has three times the RAM. We'll see if it makes a big difference over the weekend.

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