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The Age of Faith: Byzantine Civilization

I'm catching up entries from a couple of chapters now read. In Chapter Six, “Byzantine Civilization”, Will Durant covers Byzantine culture from 326-565. We hear of the philosopher Hypatia and her brutal death and are introduced to the historian Procopius. … Continue reading

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Tablet Update

I've added more software to my tablet. I was waiting for the time when labs could load the official image onto the tablet, but it's been so useful I want to get everything set up. So in addition to Microsoft … Continue reading

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The Age of Faith: Justinian

I just finished chapter 5 of Will Durant's The Age of Faith. Justinian was, in Durant's opinion, the last of the Roman emporers. While his actions were often less than exemplary, his Code was a significant attempt to bring clarity … Continue reading

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Blackboard 6.3? No.

Blackboard's Application Pack 3 for Blackboard 6 has several new features that might make our faculty happy. Some of those new question types might resolve wishes that our faculty discussed in this week's PETE lunch. Con Beausang was wishing for … Continue reading

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The Tablet Is In

My Lenovo tablet is here. Not much on it yet, but it's fun to play with. My first tablet is a first-generation slate tablet, big and heavy. This new one, the first convertible ThinkPad, is much lighter. And I really … Continue reading

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Hey You – Get Off On My Cloud

Okay. Entry two and Sue has guided me through the tricky world of adding a cloud to my blog. Not sure if I like it, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. If you haven’t played with clouds before, … Continue reading

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