First Day

It's the first day of classes at Richmond. This blog and our new social software server aren't yet in production, but I thought I'd take a moment to say hello. Our new blog is blojsom, a Java-based version of bloxsom. Nice features to explore in the coming days.

The lead-up to the semester has been fairly smooth. With classes starting in just a few hours, we've got almost as many Blackboard courses requested for the term now as we had by the end of the semester last fall. We crossed the 400 courses milestone just last night. Hopefully more faculty are putting more courses into Blackboard. It's a great way to store your syllabus and communicate with your students.

Our course request and enrollment application has done a great job over the summer. Faculty seem to be using it with ease. Phone calls are down in quantity and up in quality. I think everyone in the group has more time to sit down with faculty to show them how Blackboard works. A year ago we would all be busy creating courses and copying content, but faculty can do all this easily now.

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